Rental Policies

Deposits paid when booking and reserving rental vehicles guarantee that we will have the vehicle type reserved for you. Therefore, deposits paid at time of reservation are non-refundable unless WE cancel the reservation.

Courtesy Car Rental of MN Inc. Rental Agreement

Rates do not include gas. Customer is liable for all parking tickets and tolls. Customer must report any accident immediately and complete all forms.

Courtesy Car Rental, (CCR) Hereby rents to the customer identified on page 1 the vehicle described, subject to all terms and provisions of this agreement.

1. Vehicle: The vehicle which includes tires, tools, equipment, accessories and vehicle documents, does not belong to the renter but is delivered to the renter for rental purposes only and is in good operating condition. There is no warranty of any kind expressed or implied as to the merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose of any vehicle covered by this agreement.

2. Nature of agreement / vehicle repairs / warranty disclaimer: Vehicle is Courtesy Car Rental (CCR) property. This agreement is a contract only for use of vehicle while vehicle is on rental to renter. Renter is not CCRs agent or employee, nor is renters conduct under CCRs control for any purpose. Any service to or replacement of a part or accessory to vehicle during rental must have CCRs prior approval. Renter acquires no rights other than to use vehicle in accordance with this agreement. CCR shall in no event be responsible to renter for any indirect, special, or consequential damages in connection with or arising out of furnishing, performance, or use of vehicle.

3. Use of vehicle: You may not use or allow the use of the vehicle:

  • A: By anyone under the age of 21;
  • B: By anyone who does not possess a valid driver’s license;
  • C: By anyone who is not competent to drive;
  • D: By anyone under the influence of intoxicants or narcotics;
  • E: By any person who has provided false or misleading information;
  • F: For transporting people or property for hire;
  • G: In any race, test or contest;
  • H: To propel, push, or tow any object unless hitch requested in advance;
  • I: For any illegal purpose or in violation of any law;
  • J: If speedometer has been disconnected or tampered with;
  • K: Off a paved road;
  • L: To carry persons other than in the passenger compartment of the vehicle;
  • M: In violation of any terms of this rental agreement;
  • N: In a reckless, abusive or wanton manner;

Prohibited use of vehicle violates this agreement, voids all liability and other insurance coverage (where permitted by law), makes vehicle subject to immediate recovery by CCR, voids CDW and makes renter responsible for all loss of or damage to or connected with the vehicle regardless of cause, including, but not limited to, CCR’s expenses, including loss of use.

4. Vehicle return/repossession/condition: You must return the vehicle to the location where rented on the date shown on page 1, or earlier if we require, but in no event more than 30 days from the date of rental, in the same condition as you received it, ordinary wear and tear excepted. If vehicle is not returned to such location by due date (or within 30 days of the commencement of the rental, whichever is earlier) CCR may repossess vehicle at any time without demand, at renters expense, if vehicle is illegally parked, used for an illegal purpose, or apparently abandoned. Renter waives prior notice, pre-seizure hearing and receipt of judicial process as a prior condition to CCRs repossession. Renter agrees that CCR may notify the police or other authorities responsible that the vehicle is stolen or missing, and the renter will not hold CCR or the civil responsible for their actions to repossess vehicle.

5. Liability coverage: Liability coverage to your benefit, or that of any other person, is afforded only if absolutely mandated by the financial responsibility law or other similar law or statute in the state or jurisdiction where the car is rented, and then only in accordance with the minimum requirements of that law. Our compliance with that law, at our sole option, be afforded by bond, insurance programs, certificate of self insurance or other means authorized or permitted by law, or in any legally permissible combination of any of the above coverage referred to in this paragraph. If supplied, will exclude, and does not apply A: To you, or any authorized “additional driver” or any guest or passenger in the car for injury or death; B. To any obligation for which you or the driver of the car or any insurance carrier may be held liable under workers compensation, disability benefits, unemployment compensation, or any similar law; C: To any obligation assumed by you or any other driver under any contract whatsoever. Except as expressly provided herein, CCR is under no duty or obligation to provide insurance coverage to you or any other driver of the car, subject to the terms and conditions set forth herein. You covenant and agree that you will forever hold harmless and indemnify CCR from any and all claims, demands, causes of action, attorneys fees and expenses of any nature arising or alleged to arise from any use, operation, maintenance, and ownership of vehicle while this agreement remains in force and effect and to reimburse CCR for any loss or damage during said period. Coverage is void in Mexico.

6. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW): If vehicle is lost or damaged while on rental, whether or not due to renter’s fault, renter is responsible to CCR for the amount of any such loss or damage, at prevailing retail price plus CCR’s related expenses, including loss of use. Renter agrees and warrants that renters automobile insurance will cover and pay for all damages to the vehicle caused by collision and for all loss of or damage to vehicle from fire or theft and from all other non-collision losses normally covered by a comprehensive physical damage insurance policy, subject only to any deductible provisions of renter’s automobile insurance policy. If renter initials box labeled CDW declined at the time of rental, renter will pay renters deductible amount and any other amounts not paid by renter’s insurance policy. If renter initials box CDW accepted, CCR will waive its right to collect from the renter any amount over the limit shown. Collision Damage Waiver is CCRs waiver of responsibility, it is not insurance. If the vehicle is used by person other than renter or any approved additional driver, or is used by the renter or anyone else in violation of the agreement, renter shall be responsible to CCR for all loss of or damage to vehicle up to its full value plus any incidental related costs incurred, whether or not the renter has accepted collision damage waiver. If for any reason renter’s insurance policy does not pay for loss of or damage to vehicle as defined in the paragraph, renter shall pay to CCR any amounts not waived pursuant to this paragraph.

7. Responsibility for loss or damage to vehicle: You are responsible for any loss or damage to the vehicle resulting from any cause (for example collision, rollover, damage to the undercarriage, theft, vandalism, accidental fire, acts of nature, misuse, abuse, and negligence) regardless of who is at fault. This responsibility is limited to the full value of the vehicle at the time it is lost or damaged, less salvage value, and plus administrative fee and CCR’s related expenses such as loss of use, appraisal fees, attorneys fees and recovery cost.

8. Parking violations: Renter will pay for all parking and toll violation fines and penalties plus all costs incurred in the event renter fails to make payments. Renter agrees to indemnify and hold CCR harmless in the event we pay such costs on your behalf and to reimburse us for all collection and other expense relating thereto. You hereby authorize us in connection with the above to release to the government agency having jurisdiction thereof any information relating to you which we have in our possession.

9. Liability: We will in no event be liable, to you or any other entity, for any direct or indirect damages or costs in connection with or arising from the furnishing, performance, or use of the vehicle or any claims based upon our failure to honor a vehicle reservation as requested by you.

10. Accidents: Within 24 hours of an accident, you must report the accident in writing, at our location, and deliver to us a police report or accident statement relating to any accident or incident involving the vehicle. You and/or any other driver of the vehicle agree to cooperate fully with us and not to help or abet the assertion of any third party claim against us.

11. Hold Harmless: You will defend and hold us harmless from any claims or liabilities of any type including causes of action arising out of the use of the vehicle by you or any other party in violation of any terms of this rental agreement, or caused by the abandonment, conversion, secretion, concealment, or unauthorized use of the vehicle.

12. Computation of charges: Renter shall pay CCR the sum of:

  • A. Time and mileage charges: Computed at daily, weekly, or other rate set forth on reverse side (mileage determined by reading vehicle odometer). Charges are computed on the basis of a calendar day, with extra day’s rate set forth on reverse side charged for each day and or part of day in excess of rental day before vehicle is returned.
  • B. Refueling service charge: If vehicle is returned with less fuel than when rented, renter shall pay for refueling service as stated on reverse side of this agreement.
  • C. Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) charges: If applicable, computed at daily charge set forth on reverse side. Daily charge is due for each full or partial day.
  • D. Taxes: Applicable sales, use, and excise taxes and any amount charged by CCR as reimbursement for taxes paid.
  • E. Fines and other expenses: Fines, penalties, forfeitures, court costs, and other charges that may be assessed against CCR which are due by reason of renter’s possession or use of the vehicle, including traffic and parking fines.
  • F. Other charges: Drop-off and return mileage charges for drop-offs authorized at the time of rental; additional drop-off and return mileage charges, at the rate of $0.40 per mile multiplied by the number of miles from the rental location to the drop-off location (with a minimum additional fee of $50.00) if vehicle is not returned to the agreed location; an additional charge of $8.00 for each hour the vehicle was rented if there is evidence that renter disconnected or tampered with the odometer of the vehicle, or if the odometer is not working properly for any reason; and other charges, if applicable, for other services supplied by CCR in connection with this agreement.
  • G. Collection and vehicle recovery expenses: CCR’s cost including reasonable attorney fees, incurred in collection charges due from renter pursuant to this agreement or in recovering vehicle which has been abandoned by renter or seized by government authority as a result of renter’s actions.
  • H. Interest on past due amounts: At the rate of 1.5% per month, which if not paid is added to the balance and is subject to interest. All charges are subject to audit. If upon audit an error is found, credit card renter authorizes CCR to correct such charges, to reflect correct charges, with written notice of correction to the renter.

13. Refusal to rent: We reserve the right to refuse to rent a vehicle to any person for any legitimate business reason.

14. Notice of change: you will immediately inform us if your driver’s license is suspended or revoked; or if your personal insurance is cancelled or terminated, or if any information supplied to us to obtain the vehicle becomes invalid.

15. Assignment: This rental agreement may not be assigned or transferred by you without our prior written consent.

16. You agree that if the vehicle you have rented is involved in an accident in which there is a determination of liability on your part then you will be responsible for payment to us, the lessor, for “downtime” at the rate of the daily rental of this contract. “Downtime” is defined as the amount of time from the date the vehicle is damaged to the date it is repaired and in rentable condition. We agree to use our best efforts to get the vehicle in rentable condition as soon as possible.