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Although vacations and road trips may be fun, the extensive planning to prepare for the journey can be chaotic. Don’t fret about racking up miles on your vehicle or having last minute repairs performed. At Courtesy Car Rental and Sales, we take the stress out of traveling. With one of our van rentals, you’ll have both comfort and accessibility during the drive to your destination. If you need a reliable vehicle in St Paul, contact us at (651) 459-2324 to reserve a quality rental.

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Visiting St Paul Minnesota

Located in southeast Minnesota, both St Paul and the state’s most populated city, Minneapolis make up the Twin Cities urban area. With a profound impact from early settlers, it’s no surprise that St Paul is home to countless landmarks, world-class museums, and historic sites. Take your car rental to any of these major attractions:

  • Cathedral of Saint Paul: If you’re intrigued by architecture, you’ll love walking through the corridors of this stunning cathedral. The building is recognized as a historic landmark and draws in over 200,000 visitors every year.
  • Como Park Zoo & Conservatory: Families love this destination for its variety of animal exhibits and plant life. Entrance to the facility is free, and both the zoo and conservatory are open all year round.
  • Minnesota State Fair: Did you know that the largest state fair in the United States is located in St Paul? Over a million people flock to the 12-day event in order to sample fair food and enjoy the various talents of Minnesota residents.

St Paul Van Rental

Trips with large groups can be fun, but it can be difficult to travel with multiple vehicles. Our 12-passenger van rentals eliminate the need for you to split up the group — everyone can enjoy being on the open road together. If that’s not enough seats, we also offer spacious 15-passenger van rentals. Even with loads of passengers and luggage, you’ll still have plenty of elbow room. If you’re looking for maximum comfort for a smaller group of people, try one of our conversion van rentals. These vans seat 7 passengers in comfortable seating and include a DVD player for entertainment the whole way.

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Auto Repair & Oil Change in St Paul Park MN

Courtesy Car Rental and Sales also provides top-notch auto repair services in St Paul Park, Minnesota. From brake repairs to oil changes, our auto mechanics have the proper experience and tools. Need an auto air conditioning repair or overall car tune up? We’ve got you covered. We have experience working on both foreign and domestic vehicles for the following auto services:

  • Brake Repair: When you hear the squeaking of brakes that need repaired or you can feel a difference when stepping on your brake pedal, we can help. We have experience with many different types of vehicles and brake repairs that may be needed.
  • Car Tune Up: Eventually, every car is going to need a tune up. Your car won’t operate efficiently unless you keep up with new air filters, spark plugs, and more. Getting a car tune up can also help get an early detection of any other issues occurring in your vehicle.
  • Tire Repair: By getting necessary tire repairs, you’re keeping your car safer and improving the longevity of your vehicle. From tire rotation to fixing holes in a tire, we’re here to fix it all.
  • Transmission Repair: Before we begin any transmission repairs, we will run full diagnostic tests and provide you with a free estimate. We can handle whatever repairs your transmission may need.
  • Muffler Repair: Courtesy is a trusted muffler shop in the St Paul Park area that will fix the loud racket your car is causing everywhere you go.
  • Auto Air Conditioning Repair: When the summer heat starts rolling in, you’re going to wish that you’d had your car’s air conditioning repaired because the windows rolled down just won’t cut it. We can diagnose and resolve the issue at Courtesy.
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Did you know that regular wheel alignment is essential to the lifespan of your vehicle? It is recommended to have your wheel alignment checked every 5,000 miles. This can prevent you from needing tire repairs in the future. However, if you are in need of having a tire repair, bring your vehicle to Courtesy.

If you’re worried about a pricey repair, our auto mechanics also offer car repair estimates for our St Paul Park customers. Call us at (651) 459-2324 or schedule an appointment for your vehicle repairs.

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Courtesy Car Rental and Sales takes pride in the many services we provide in St Paul. We even have our own full-service auto shop and sales lot at our location. Whether you need a car repair or van rental for the weekend, we have it here! To reserve one of our quality van rentals, call our office today at (651) 459-2324.