Wheel Alignment

Has your car been pulling to the left or right? Do you notice that your steering wheel is turned more to one side when you’re driving straight? These two issues plus uneven tire wear can all be signs that your vehicle may be due for a wheel alignment. Visit Courtesy Car Rental and Sales in Newport, MN, near Woodbury and Cottage Grove, and have the team at our auto shop check your car for proper alignment. For a free car estimate, just contact our office at (651) 459-2324 or schedule an appointment.

Wheel Alignment Woodbury MN

Wheel Alignment Woodbury, MN

Keep Your Car Driving Smoothly and Safely

Regular tire alignment is essential to reducing tire wear, maintaining maneuverability, and agility, and avoiding premature tire repair or replacement. Moreover, having your tires precisely aligned can potentially improve your vehicle’s fuel economy. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, it is recommended to have your car alignment checked every 5,000 miles. Next time you come in to Courtesy Car Rental to have your oil changed, ask our ASE-certified professionals to inspect your car’s alignment. We may just save you from having to fill up at the pump as often or from having to buy new tires altogether.

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With deals you won’t find at every automotive repair specialist, Courtesy Car Rental guarantees quality wheel alignment at affordable prices to the residents of Cottage Grove, Woodbury, and the surrounding areas. Don’t let another pothole compromise your car’s alignment. Schedule a service request online or call (651) 459-2324 today.