Car Tune-Up Services

To ensure your vehicle is in good working condition, bring your car to Courtesy Car Rental and Sales in Newport, MN, near Woodbury and Cottage Grove, for a routine car tune-up. Regularly scheduled service by our ASE-certified technicians will keep your vehicle in good shape, increasing its longevity and drivability. We recommend that Minnesota residents make a yearly auto tune-up service appointment. Schedule your service request online or call us at (651) 459-2324 for more information.

Car Tune Up Cottage Grove, MN

Woodbury MN Car Tune Up Services

How Does a Tune Up Service Help Your Vehicle?

A vehicle tune-up typically involves inspecting and replacing worn parts, such as air filters or spark plugs, which will lose their efficiency over time with normal wear and tear. It does not involve maintenance or repairs on larger car systems, such as the brakes, transmission, or engine, but problems to these systems can often be detected during an tune-up. If larger problems are spotted early on during a car tune-up, we can make the necessary repairs at affordable prices, avoiding trouble and expensive automotive repairs down the road.

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The specialists at Courtesy Car Rental are trained to work on a variety of makes and models, including foreign and domestic vehicles, and we offer the following services:

The technicians at the Courtesy Car Rental and Sales’ auto shop consider an auto tune-up service to be essential preventative maintenance for your vehicle. By scheduling routine car services, your car will last longer and drive better for years to come. Contact us at (651) 459-2324 about a free car estimate near Woodbury and Cottage Grove and to schedule your annual tune-up.