Tire Repair and Rotation Shop

From potholes to glass, the tires on your car take a beating every day. At Courtesy Car Rental and Sales, we understand that proper tire repair means improved safety and longevity for your vehicle. Whether you need us to fix a punctured tire or are simply wondering how often to rotate the tires on your car, you can visit our auto shop near Cottage Grove and Woodbury, MN. Contact our friendly staff at (651) 459-2324 for more information or schedule a service request today.

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Tire Repair Services and More

Is it time to visit a trusted auto shop for your routine tire rotation and balance? Courtesy Car Rental hires experienced auto mechanics who will service your car in an efficient and affordable manner. Our tire repair shop uses only the highest quality tires and is knowledgeable on proper rotation, repair, and maintenance.

Get New Tires For Your Car!

Whether you unexpectedly find yourself needing a flat fixed, a wheel alignment, or a tune-up, choose Courtesy Car Rental for these and all other automotive repair services, including the following:

Regular tire service is essential to maintaining your vehicle’s safety and efficiency — especially on Minnesota roads during the winter. Wear and tear on your car’s tires can also occur both visibly on the outside and undetected on the inside. Be sure to get your tires checked out to prevent unforeseen damage and expensive repairs to your car’s alignment, suspension, and wheels. Set up an appointment at Courtesy Car Rental near Woodbury and Cottage Grove, MN today so you can relax and drive in any weather with ease. Call us at (651) 459-2324 to speak with one of our specialists.