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Having a vehicle in need of engine repair can be a frustrating and overwhelming experience —often occurring at the most inconvenient times. You need a trustworthy engine repair shop you can turn to, knowing you will get quality car repairs on your timetable and at affordable rates. Courtesy Car Rental and Sales of Newport, MN, is a full-service shop that excels in many types of car services. Contact us at (651) 459-2324 or schedule an appointment.

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My Car May Have Engine Damage: What Do I Do?

Have you noticed excessive smoke coming from your exhaust? Do you hear loud knocking sounds coming from your car’s engine? Is your vehicle excessively consuming oil? According to Car Care, these are all signs that you may have car engine problems.

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But, don’t fret! Bring your vehicle in to the knowledgeable engine repair shop at Courtesy Car Rental and Sales, and our team can repair or replace your engine in no time at all. Our ASE-certified auto mechanics are experts at diagnosing and fixing any car make or model—both foreign and domestic. We even offer a 12-month, 12,000-mile nationwide warranty on many types of engine repairs. Our auto shop in Newport offers every service you need, including:

Our aim is to give the community excellent engine repair services at affordable prices. Courtesy Car Rental and Sales is conveniently located for all Woodbury and Cottage Grove residents and fully equipped to meet all automotive repair needs. Call us at (651) 459-2324 to set up a car estimate with one of our staff members.