Minivan Rental

A minivan rental will allow everyone in your group to travel in comfort with legroom, head clearance, and breathing room to spare. Contact Courtesy Car Rental and Sales today at (651) 459-2324 to reserve a minivan, or book online now. We have a convenient location in the Minneapolis area.

Minivan Rentals Minneapolis
Minivan Rental
Dodge Minivan or Similar

Seats up to 7 passengers • Luggage Capacity: 7 • 4 Doors • Automatic Transmission • AM/FM/CD Player • Air Conditioning

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You know it’s time to rent a minivan from Courtesy Car Rental and Sales when

  1. you consider strapping luggage to the roof to fit everything in;
  2. you have a bungee cord around the trunk because it won’t close all the way; and
  3. you have a claustrophobic fit at the mere thought of being packed into your sedan with the entire family, dog, and luggage.

Rent a Minivan For Your Trip!

Rent a Minivan and Enjoy Your Trip

From the plush captain chairs to the extra trunk space, the rental minivans at Courtesy Car Rental were assembled with your group’s comfort in mind. Additionally, we offer them free of the normal traveling restrictions that many other rental companies stipulate. For example, you can take your minivan rental almost anywhere in North America, including Minnesota, Canada, Mexico, and Alaska. We are also one of the few rental companies in Minneapolis that will let you drive to and through Iowa as well! The options are endless with a rental from Courtesy Car Rental.

To book one of our mini van rentals, submit your reservation online, or call us at (651) 459-2324 and speak to a rental agent about your next van rental in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area. In addition to minivans, we also offer numerous car rental services that include 15- passenger and 12-passenger vans, SUVs, and conversion vans. We even provide our customers with exceptional auto repair service and a growing inventory of used vehicles for sale.